The Evolution Of Brantley Gilbert

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From his humble upbringing in the small city of Jefferson, Georgia, Brantley Gilbert has become one of the biggest stars in country music. Here are his singles to date that show how Brantley’s raw, powerful sound has evolved into hitmaker. 


“Kick It In The Sticks” - Halfway To Heaven, 2010

Brantley’s breakthrough hit put his flag into the country music landscape. This hard hittin’ southern rock-country cross over is definitely a song to see performed live. 


“My Kind of Crazy” - Halfway To Heaven, 2010

This traditional country song shows Brantley’s softer side and proves he can write ballads with the best of them.


“Country Must Be Country Wide” - Halfway To Heaven , 2011

This Number 1 hit was the perfect song to introduce Brantley to the mainstream without sacrificing his edgy sound.


“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” - Halfway To Heaven (Deluxe Editon), 2011

Brantley is incredible at exposing his broken heart and that’s exactly what he did on this vulnerable breakup track. 


“More Than Miles” - Halfway To Heaven (Deluxe Editon), 2012 

Anyone with a broken heart can relate to this track and is able to keep his rock vibe throughout. 


“Bottoms Up” - Just As I Am, 2013

This is the new definitive country drinking song. It rose up the charts fast and is a hit in every bar. 


“Small Town Throwdown” - Just As I Am,  2014

Featuring Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett, this party song is all about throwing down in the sticks. 


“One Hell of an Amen” -  Just As I Am,  2014

One of the defining songs of Brantley’s catalog, this patriotic anthem celebrates those who sacrificed everything for their country. 


“Stone Cold Sober” -  Just As I Am, 2015

Brantley hasn’t had a drink in over 5 years and the lyrics of the song might explain why. We’ve all done something we regret when we’re too many drinks deep but there’s some things we mean we have liquid courage. 


“The Weekend” - The Devil Don’t Sleep, 2016

This ode to those who work their fingers to the bone Monday through Friday to get to the weekend is his latest single and has been certified Gold.