5 Reasons Brantley Gilbert Makes Our Knees Weak

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Despite his bad boy appearance, Brantley Gilbert is one of the most romantic men in country music. From his deep, husky voice to the love of his dog, here are five reasons why BG makes us swoon. 


1.He has an incredible voice you can only dream of

Brantley Gilbert’s voice is one of a kind with his signature raspy, deep vocals. He’s also not afraid to be vulnerable and has written many songs about missing his loved ones.  


2.He loves his deaf dog and learned hand's motions to communicate with him 

Brantley adopted his dog Sylo in 2014 and was born partially deaf. Sylo loves to hang out on Brantley’s tour bus and eat up all the attention on his owner’s Instagram account. Also, BG learned special hand motions to communicate with Sylo. Who doesn’t love a good pup?    


3. His wife Amber Cochran inspired a lot of his music 

Brantley proudly shows his softer side and the love of his life - his wife Amber Cochran. She has been the inspiration for many of his songs, especially “More Than Miles.” Sorry ladies, Brantley is VERY taken. 


4. He is a proud patriot and loves America

Brantley really loves his country and is all about American pride. He dedicated his song “One Hell of an Amen,” to a US military soldier who was a hometown hero that lost his life in Iraq. 


5. He loves riding his motorcycle 

We’ve already discussed BG’s soft side but he’s still a bada**, motorcycle riding country boy. He loves quad bikes, dirt bikes, and is showing them off all the time on Instagram. He’s even performed at the Nascar racing tournament.