5 Best Brantley Gilbert Love Songs

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While he may be covered in tattoos and loves motorcycles, Brantley Gilbert is a true romantic deep down inside. Aside from his party anthems, BG has written some of the best songs in modern country - here are the top 5. 


1.Fall Into Me

This ballad off ‘Halfway To Heaven’ has Brantley telling his love that he’ll be patiently waiting for her when she’s ready to fall head over heels for him. “So fall when you're ready baby, Let our kiss count the moments and hearts set the pace, I'll be your love song and I'll love you right off your feet,” he sings on the song. C’mon, how can you make Brantley wait? 


2. Outlaw In Me

Brantley may look a little rough around the edges but deep down is a true romantic. This song off “The Devil Don’t Sleep” is about how his love doesn’t care about his scars or his past and understands the man on the inside. 


3. You Don’t Know Her Like I Do

This #1 hit song doesn’t deal with the honeymoon phase of love but is instead about a tough breakup that Brantley still isn’t over. In the song, he tells a friend that the woman in his life is worth the anger, sadness, and pain he is dealing with after the split. 


4. My Kind Of Crazy

This traditional country song is all about the little quirks and “crazy” antics of the love of his life. This girl knows all the right things to make Brantley fall head over heels. 


5. More Than Miles 

If you travel for work, you can immediately relate to this song off Brantley’s album ‘Halfway To Heaven.’ This homesick ballad speaks about missing your love back home while you’ve got business to take care of. He beautifully sings, “Cause that girl's in every song I sing, She's in every song I write, And that six string ridin' in her seat, Won't keep me warm tonight.”