Words Of Wisdom From ‘S****y Golfer’ Toby Keith

Words Of Wisdom From ‘S****y Golfer’ Toby Keith



Let’s face it - most of us are s****y golfers. Despite our love of the game, we will never be able to hack it on the course. Country superstar and avid golfer Toby Keith puts this truth into song on “S***** Golfer.” The track appears on his most recent release The Bus Songs, a compilation of late night recording sessions on his tour bus. “They're written too late at night,” Toby explains on his website. “Maybe in the back of his bus with a glass of Wild Shot mezcal nearby.”


On “S***** Golfer,” Keith perfectly describes the frustrations of shooting your age on the course and buying expensive clubs to “improve your game” when he sings:


I’m a s****y golfer, you can ask my wife
I’ve been out there hackin’ every day of my life
I got the shorts and all the plaid sweaters
And that new Taylormade driver didn’t make me any better


To connect with fellow sh***y golfers, Toby is tweeting out words of wisdom that describe exactly how we feel when we slice ‘em in the bushes and crack ‘em in a creek. Check them out below:


Son of a golf!



It’s the ball’s fault.



All part of the game.


Bonus: Here’s Toby playing live for some fellow s****y golfers!