Top 5 Toby Keith Drinking Songs

Top 5 Toby Keith Drinking Songs



Toby Keith is a lover of American’s favorite pastime (drinking) and has written countless songs about knocking back cold brews. Toby has built an empire with his “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill” and continues to write drinking anthems to this day. Let’s fill up our red solo cups to the brim and check out his Top 5 Drinking Songs.


5. “Stays In Mexico”


The lead single off his Greatest Hits 2 compilation, the song is about Steve and Gina, who engage in a tequila fueled weekend affair while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Slam back a few shots and remember, what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.


4. “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”


This 2012 song on Hope on the Rocks is about Toby’s love of down to earth, regular girls instead of a high society, high-maintenance woman. It is a fun, throwback anthem that celebrates women who know how to get down and throw back a few.


3. “Beer For My Horses”


Toby’s 2003 collaboration with country music legend Willie Nelson is about two lawmen who celebrate with a round of drinks at a saloon after delivering vigilante justice. The song even birthed a movie of the same name where Toby plays a sheriff that tracks down a Mexican drug lord. The song reached No. 1 for six weeks.


2. “I Love This Bar”



This bar anthem not only is timeless but launched a successful chain of restaurant bar and grills for Toby. The song describes the many types of patrons of a bar on a given night, singing “We got winners, we got losers / Chain-smokers and boozers.” This No. 1 hit is considered one of Toby’s greatest songs.



1.“Red Solo Cup”

Toby’s ode to the iconic red solo cup, the mark of a good party or tailgate, is one of his most fun and funny songs. He’s described it as “the stupidest song I ever heard in my life, but it’s so stupid it’s good.” We’ll drink to that!